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Steamboat Springs is well known to many for its delightful people and signature Champagne Powder®. Our picturesque town is undergoing a promising renaissance that is transforming our town into one of the more prominent mountains communities in the nation, yet retaining the qualities that make Steamboat special.

If you are interested in owning property in  Steamboat Springs, understanding 1031 exchanges may be able help you make easy transitions between real estate ventures.  1031 exchanges may be a great option if you are looking to reallocate investments from another part of the country to right here in Steamboat Springs. The following pages help to outline the ideas behind 1031 exchanges and how these benefits might help you in Steamboat or with other decisions in your future.

Key Items to 1031 Exchanges –

  • 1031 Exchanges allow you to retain and invest more of your money from a current property into a property in Steamboat Springs.
  • Vacation homes have the possibility of being used if proper records are kept showing it is used as an income property.
  • Work with a real estate broker that understands investor’s needs so they can help you make a carefully considered decision.
  • Essential to speak with a qualified tax professional to properly structure the deal.

Below is a basic example to help better understand the benefits of using a 1031 Exchange with investments.
Traditional Taxation:
Gain on relinquished property: $300,000
Taxes: (assumed at a 33% rate): $100,000
Profit: $200,000
Possible value of new purchase (with an 80:20 loan): $1,000,000
With 1031 Exchange:
Gain on relinquished property: $300,000
Taxes: $0
Profit: $300,000
Possible value of new purchase (with an 80:20 loan): $1,500,000

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